Soul Cycle

CruzToday was all about stepping out of comfort zone! A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked if I wanted to try a cycle class with her. She kindly signed me up with a free class pass she’d received, and I took my first ever Soul Cycle class this morning with her and a long time friend. As I rode my bike between these two encouraging and strong women, my mind finally quieted and my body and heart got a chance to take control. Sweat and tears poured down my face and it felt so amazing to let the emotional pain go for an hour.

I’d been really nervous about taking the class and trying something new. But that nervousness grew this week when I started an audio book called “What Alice Forgot” which is about a 40 year old woman who passes out in a spin class, hits her head, and wakes up with no memory of the prior 10 years. She wakes up thinking she’s 29 and pregnant with her first child…due on August 8th. The exact same due date for Baby Z. Given that I’m likely to be the person to get injured or pass out, I went into class with my only goal being that I’d make it through the whole hour without having to be carried out by a paramedic. I MADE IT! I crushed that goal, had fun, worked hard and left wanting to sign up again soon.

Afterwards, I had lunch with my friend and we went to a local no-kill animal shelter to complete a volunteer training course and walk some of the dogs. We learned that they process around 18,000 dogs a year! There were buildings full of dogs, cats, and bunnies waiting to be fed, walked, loved, and adopted. I’ve hit my maximum number of adopted rescue dogs at home, so it felt nice to have a way to help other homeless dogs in a different capacity. I walked a dog named Cruz around the facility and was amazed at how happy and excited this dog was just to walk around and sniff. There really is nothing like a dog to remind you how to live life. To enjoy the sunshine, the grass under your feet, and a friendly person to join you for a walk.

My heart feels so grateful and full tonight! Reflecting on the different ways people have encouraged me to heal. To stand next to me and encourage me to push myself to meet a goal I never thought I’d reach. Pushing my body out of my comfort zone. Meeting dogs that haven’t given up hope on the world even when the world hasn’t been kind to them. Interacting with people who make it their job or passion to help the dogs find homes or even just a 20 minute walk in the sunshine.

The world really is full of wonderful things, and I am so happy and thankful to have people and animals in my life to open my eyes to the beauty. Life goes on and we just have to keep moving our feet.

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