In the Wild

When I was in my childbirth class in April, the teacher was explaining what childbirth and the hours afterward would look like if we were to birth our babies “in the wild.” How we would birth the baby, place them on our tummy and watch as they would “swim” up to our breast and instinctively know how to nurse. And how their nursing would trigger our body to heal from the birth process.

That phrase “in the wild” has stuck with me. I’m so thankful for modern medicine because it gave me Corrine. Sometimes my mind wonders what would have happened with each of my pregnancies if I had not had medical intervention.

With Gloria, my body would have continued to think I was pregnant. Placental cells would have continued to grow at an alarming rate. And I cringe at the thought of the outcome. If we didn’t have ultrasound machines or dopplers that proved she was gone. If I hadn’t had surgery to remove the “products of conception.” I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be here now.

And with Corrine. If they hadn’t checked my progesterone levels, she wouldn’t be here. If we hadn’t found out she was breech with her cord around her neck, and I birthed her “in the wild,” it’s likely one or both of us wouldn’t be here.

So when I see a deer with her baby, or a whale carrying her baby, or a sweet baby puppy, I can’t help but marvel at life. What a miracle it is for a mother – any mother – to have a healthy baby here on earth. Especially “in the wild.” What a miracle life is. 💗

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