Hi, I'm Teri! I'm the creator of Baby Bumps in the Road blog. I'm a wife, stepmom, dog mom and mother to an angel baby with a precious rainbow baby on the way. In mid-January 2017, we found out we'd lost our first baby at 11 weeks and it was later diagnosed as a partial molar pregnancy. I've spent the last year months grieving my child, having my hCG levels monitored, trying to put myself back together emotionally and physically, and preparing for a second chance at motherhood. We found out in October that we are expecting our 2nd baby in July 2018. I couldn't be more excited to be on this pregnancy journey again - even though it's been a bumpy one! My wish for this blog is to share my experience with others and have a place to talk freely about both of my babies. I hope this blog helps comfort those experiencing a loss and proves that something beautiful can rise from the ashes. Thanks for visiting, and please connect with me on Instagram (@babybumpsintheroad)!

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